We’ve included brands with long, rich histories, to new emerging small batch producers creating amazing spirits in tiny distilleries. Gluten Free: Yes. With the rise of food intolerances and health trends, gluten-free vodkas and even vodkas made from milk are now available quite widely, so if you have any special requirements, keep your eyes peeled for these options. It's expensive, sure, but if you aren’t a fan of the harsher kick that many vodkas bring to the taste buds and you fancy a bit of a treat, then Grey Goose is one of the best easy-drinking vodkas you'll find on the supermarket shelves. Zubrowka Vodka is probably one of the most unique vodkas on the market. The thick, creamy mouthfeel gives way to hints of liquorice and a lovely sweetness, particularly when served super cold. Produced from Swedish winter wheat and distilled five times, it’s a column-distilled vodka with a peppery bite after an initial sweet note. Kavka are also one to watch if you’re interested in trading in your neutral spirit for a flavoursome, traditional vodka. The mixologist’s favourite, a good vodka is the backbone of any home bar, so it’s important to make it one to remember... for all the right reasons. If you want a high quality vodka that you can either drink straight or mix up your favourite cocktail with, Belvedere is the one. It is harvested by hand in Poland, where the continent’s only herd of bison can be found. Try in a ginger and honey collins by mixing vodka, lemon juice and honey with cubed ice before topping with ginger ale. 2019-01-01T15:28:32Z, From vodka to brandy keep your booze easily to hand with one of these lavishly hand tooled drinks cupboards, By Sarah-Jane Butcher • Vodka. Distilled and bottled in France, Grey Goose vodka is made with just two simple ingredients, wheat from Picardie in northern France and spring water from a limestone well in Cognac. For anyone looking to buy a gift for a gluten intolerant friend that enjoys a drink, this is spot on. A great British vodka. Using the previous year’s harvest, leftover grape skins are used to add the same fresh, zingy profile as we’ve come to expect from the brand’s wine. It’s so pure you can sip it neat, honestly. Our next vodka is an excellent grain-based vodka that is filtered and distilled at a … Russian Standard Vodka is the ultimate premium tasting vodka without the hefty price tag, so if you like your vodka but don’t want to fork out on the likes of Chase and Grey Goose, this is your go-to option. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. So, we tested a small batch and haven’t gone back to store bought since! England and Wales company registration number 2008885. You can expect a good vodka to have a creamy mouthfeel, a balance of citrus notes and pepper or spice, and a clean, smooth finish (it shouldn’t burn the throat). It uses Icelandic’s pure glacial water and is distilled in a coastal village with air so clean that CO2 levels are actually falling. Shop Zyr. For those who love all things British, Chase Vodka is made right here on our very soil and is one of the top contenders for vodka on the market right now. Each vessel contains a drop of ink within the mint and pink bottle design, turning something awful into a positive message of love in celebration of LGBT+ History Month. Rich, with a full mouthfeel and notes of grain and vanilla. Quadruple-distilled and made from one particular strain of rye, the hardworking spirit has a creamy mouthfeel and notes of vanilla and white pepper. Best for: Best of British. 2020-08-02T13:27:28Z, Give up smoking or enjoy the biggest clouds of fruity or herb-tinged vapour possible with the best vaporisers, Enhance the flavour of your vaping with the best e juice, e liquids and vape liquids for all your fruity cloud chasing needs, Bourbon is an all-American classic, and we’re here to help you swig only the best, By Carys Lowry-Carter • Again, silver birch charcoal is used for filtration, which results in a fresh and balanced spirit. Pure Air review: the best all-round electric scooter? You can drink this any way you like although it works particularly well mixed in a cocktail as this takes away a little of it's harsher bite.

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