0. Interactive Trip Planning Map. They used to be readily available on the CPW site in the hunting statistic but it looks like they removed all the GPS data from the harvest reports. Orientation Video with SW CO Tour. Does anyone have the ability to guide me to a “free” list or map of Colorado Big Horn harvest sites? 4. Youth Quota. 1. 4. I know I can buy the map and all that, just curious if there is a resource I don’t have to pay for, especially because I’m most likely not drawing my sheep tag with 3+13 points and I just want to research the topic more. Thanks. Thx all . A. Licenses Surplus. Bighorn sheep were once one of the most widespread wildlife species in the West, with populations estimated to be as high as two million or more. Joined Jul 20, 2020 Messages 5. The bighorn sheep hunt preparation. Male bighorn sheep or "rams" are easily identified by their large spiral horns which grow throughout their lives. Landowner Quota. 2019 Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep Licenses, Hunters, Harvest & Recreation Days for All Manners of Take Unit Ram Ewe Total Ram Ewe Total Ram Ewe Total Ram Ewe Total Ram Ewe Total S01 4 3 7 4 3 7 4 3 7 100 100 100 5.3 2.0 3.9 By chance did anyone here download the CPW published GPS coordinates for the previous years Colorado sheep kill sites? By the turn of the 20th century, settlers swept into the region, and over-harvesting, habitat loss, and disease transmission caused the sheep population to plummet to just thousands. 3.7% Average Draw Odds Choose a hunt below to take a deeper dive into quotas, drawing odds, drawing trends, and harvest data. It took me 19 years to draw this Colorado bighorn sheep ram tag and, this year, Colorado gave out only three tags for my unit, one of which I got. Everything you need to get started! Wondering if anyone has any experience/knowledge/info on Colorado sheep unit S9 in the Sangre de Cristo range that they might be willing to share? 0. May 7, 2019 #2 J. jray5740 Senior Member. Plan your trip with this Interactive Map of Observations, Sheep Allotments, and Trails Updated 4.1.2020. Nonresident Quota . Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Colorado GMU S31 ... Rocky-mountain-bighorn-sheep Drawing Stats (2019) Total Quota. Thread starter OffDutyNinja; Start date Jul 25, 2020; Jul 25, 2020 #1 O. OffDutyNinja New member. Licenses Drawn. 0. For the most recent observations visit our iNaturalist project. Anyone know where I could find a copy or pay for it somewhere? Resident Quota. My brother drew a rifle ram tag that starts on September 8th. 3. An adult ram's horns may measure over 30 inches each in length and reach 15 inches in circumference at the base. We spotted some sheep from the valley and took our horses up to the base of the mountain where they were. Any help is appreciated! colorado Bighorn Sheep Monitoring - Join . A 2018 Colorado bighorn sheep hunt of a lifetime! Colorado Bighorn sheep unit S9.

colorado bighorn sheep harvest statistics

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