Current newsletters are available as free downloads in PDF format. The meeting schedule is available at the State of Delaware public meeting calendar. Mobile Apps For important details about the new application, including deadlines, see Licensure Transfer Program (eLTP). Fax: 302/739-2711 C. §2535 ). A pharmacy located outside Delaware must hold a Delaware Non-Resident Pharmacy permit in order to ship, mail, or deliver, in any manner, any controlled substance or prescription drug to a patient in Delaware ( 24 Del. Copyright © 2020 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®). When the PIC of a Delaware pharmacy leaves his/her position, notify the Board office using the Report of Pharmacist-in-Charge Change form within 10 days (Section NABP streamlined its licensure transfer process in 2018, changing the way Pharmacist applicants submit transfer applications to the Delaware Board. Delaware Topics 1600 Feehanville Dr Mount Prospect, IL 60056. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Delaware State Code Transparency Weather & Travel, Contact Us The Board issues licenses to pharmacists and pharmacy interns. adjudicates complaints against professionals and, when necessary, imposes disciplinary sanctions. In addition, the present (outgoing) and prospective (incoming) PICs must inventory all medications covered under 16 All meetings are open to the general public and are held in the Cannon Building, 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, in Dover. ©MMXX, Professional License Services for Military Personnel, Continuing Education and Audit Information, Controlled Substances Rules & Regulations, maintains a registry of drug outlets that manufacture, produce, sell, and distribute drugs, medications, and other materials used to diagnose and prevent illness and disease and to treat injury, monitors the outlets to ensure safe practices, develops standards for professional competency. Please read the important COVID-19 information from the Division of Professional Regulation More Info, STREAMLINED LICENSURE TRANSFER APPLICATION. Franchise Tax The Board/Commission may need to review and approve your application for licensure and will only review a complete application. The State Newsletter Program was created to promote compliance within the practice of pharmacy and is part of the NABP Foundation, which was created by NABP to support the Association’s educational programs and research and development projects. Tax Center Elected Officials Pharmacist licenses and Pharmacy permits expire on September 30 of even years (e.g., 2020, 2022).. A few months before the expiration date of your license, a renewal notice will be sent to the email address on the record. The Board/Commission will review your documentation at its next scheduled meeting. C., Chapter 25. Dover, DE 19904. Business First Steps, Phone Directory If you are unable to reach us by phone, submit your inquiry via email at Gross Receipts Tax The primary objective of the Delaware Board of Pharmacy is to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare. The Board’s statutory authority is in 24 Del. The primary objective of the Delaware Board of Pharmacy is to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare. State Employees General Assembly The Delaware State Board of Pharmacy News is published by the Delaware State Board of Pharmacy and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Foundation, Inc, to promote compliance of pharmacy and drug law. Website Information About Renewals. The incoming PIC must sign the form to acknowledge his/her new responsibilities. State Regulations

delaware board of pharmacy

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