The Igorot tribes of the Mountain Province have a wedding practice called the “trial marriage.” The Sagada Igorot, for instance, have a ward or “Dap-ay” where boys … Bab-a-at – claiming of traditional gifts from relatives of neighboring villages. My home town is still rich with old traditions; from the way a family should build a home, the best day to celebrate a wedding to the traditional way of curing. The Traditional Igorot Way of Curing. Province have their own way of curing the sick. A wedding is celebrated with big feasts and many rituals done before and during the wedding ceremony. It starts with the delivery of the faratong (black beans) from the girl to […] Igorot Wedding Wedding Rituals Day 1 The delivery of the faratong (black WEDDING TRADITIONS The Kankanaey live in western Mountain Province, northern Benguet and southeastern Ilocos Sur, They speak Kankanaey and Ilocano. Dawak – Traditional wedding. Sekad di Gameng – passing of the inheritance during the wedding night. You can easily spot the rustic details like the naked cake and the wooden door where the bride entered. You’re also getting a glimpse at some of the traditions this couple observed like the playing of gongs in the wedding, and having more than a thousand guests in attendance! Bontoc Igorot -dances in circle, counterclockwise -with gang-sa music -slower than the beats on the gangsa - complete step for every 4/4 count The Bontoc or Igorot wedding rituals usually spans several days. The old men and women of Tadian, Mt. Today, several traditions from different ethnological cultures had been adopted and incorporated to the old tradition which produces the present day Ifugao culture and tradition for the dead. The following weekend there were two more. THE KANKANEY. May 18, 2010 by felisa daskeo. During earlier times, it is common to have a three day and two nights wake before the burial in the afternoon of the third day. I thought it may be hard to find one to document, but the day I arrived there was one being prepared for that I was able to visit. The marriage customs of the Kankanaey are similar to the Ibalois. wedding or marriage feast. Most of the traditional wedding celebrations in the Cordilleras now integrate a Christian church ceremony as well as the tribal ceremony and rituals. Contrary to popular belief, contemporary ethnic weddings are not simpler than their Christian counterparts: they’re just as tedious, as expensive, and as momentous, if not even more. Take, for instance, the Bontoc or Igorot wedding rituals, which usually spans several days. They practice parental marriage (arranged marriages). Bakid – the closing ritual to end the festivities Wedding season really means there are a lot of weddings to attend. Each race has their own practices, traditions and beliefs. On their special day, Floyd and Wella were able to combine some Igorot practices with modern rustic elements. Senga – thanks giving party.

igorot wedding traditions

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