She eventually joined Team Arrow and became known as the Black Canary, the second Canary of her beloved city. Later Oliver is forced to make Quentin accept his daughter's death by assuring him that if there was a way to bring Laurel back Oliver would do it. [4] Following her death, her actions as Black Canary were made public by Oliver in order to preserve her reputation as a hero to Star City; her identity as Black Canary is left on her own tombstone. Laurel kept on trying to blame people in general for ruining her life, this behavior of hers continued, until Oliver coldly criticized and corrected her on her actions, and being pressured by her father she began to go to AA meeting groups and tearfully reconciled with her sister welcoming her back. That’s why Sophie Bravo and Izzy DeSantis, both alumnae of the school, wrote the petition. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Suddenly, Thea's purse was snatched by a thief, Roy Harper. Tommy revealed he wanted to try being a better person, one deserving of a relationship with her. [3] Laurel was the oldest daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, the ex-girlfriend/longtime friend of Oliver Queen, and longtime friend/wife of Tommy Merlyn. Barry had trouble fighting Earth-2 Laurel given that she looked exactly like her late doppelgänger, whose funeral he'd recently attended. [38], Laurel made plans to catch and arrest the Arrow, determined to bring him to justice. As children, Laurel and Sara would play and dress up together. However, Laurel was recaptured after The Canary was defeated by Helena. [49], Laurel had a hard time dealing with Oliver's identity, mainly because revealing it is the only thing that could release her father from prison. Laurel says she should go in order to find redemption, and dubs her sister "White Canary". The Arrow arrived just in time to save Laurel's life and the Canary killed the Dollmaker. Judge Sakow ultimately ruled in favor of Quentin's testimony and imprisoned Damien without bail, much to Laurel's elation. Laurel went after a criminal who managed to overpower over her, though with help from Nyssa, she was able to apprehend him. When Oliver wondered why she had invited him there, Laurel led him to a speech her father was giving nearby. Oliver arrived and they talked about how she regretted sleeping with him, feeling that she cheated on Tommy. The group was then surrounded and taken prisoner. [96] Despite this, Sara secretly began her own crusade to kill Damien Darhk in the past before he could kill Laurel and attempted to kill him in 1942[102] and 1987. Lynns attacked a fundraiser being held for the fire department and Laurel was briefly trapped inside with Tommy. Laurel finally confessed Sara's death and her reasons for keeping him in the dark. The vigilante asked Laurel to defend Peter Declan, revealing he was wrongfully sentenced to death for murdering his wife, Camille. At the hospital, Laurel reunited with Sara, who was also visiting. At CNRI, Laurel embarked on a mission to take down the corruption in Starling City through the legal system. [9], In her senior year of high school, Laurel became the student body president with help from Oliver and Tommy, who handed out gift baskets to the voters. Celia was suddenly shot and killed with an arrow by an imposter posing as The Arrow. That night, Laurel met up Sara, who had just arrived in Starling City, at a rooftop. In the Arrowcave, Laurel points out to Nyssa that her that all her recent actions were things that her father would have done, not her. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Laurel was tempted with the offer, as being the DA is what she originally wanted before becoming Black Canary and it would additionally allow her to infiltrate Ruvé's inner circle. While expressing her sympathies, Laurel was initially against representing a client she had been romantically involved with, but later changed her mind, hoping to get through her father. One afternoon, she was notified by Quentin's desk sergeant that he didn't show up at work. Suddenly, Laurel's apartment was attacked by the Chinese Triad at Somers' behest, despite the police protection. Oliver told Barry that Laurel's death isn't his fault, but it is his responsibility to avenge her by killing Damien Darhk. Laurel later accompanied the team in breaking into Wolfman Biologics. However, Malcolm refuses, explaining that the Lazarus Pit has never been used to resurrect a dead individual and even if it worked, Sara would be completely different. Her father, demoted to officer rank, tried to ask her questions about the attack but his boss intervened. The team comes up with a plan to stakeout the possible targets who Ra's al Ghul and his assassins appeared to be going after. Still angry, Laurel ignored Oliver and tried to go after Malcolm herself to avenge Sara. She was a lawyer who held the position of assistant district attorney and was previously a legal aid attorney at CNRI. The next day, Laurel tried to walk home with her sister but Sara rejected her offer of help. She managed to convince the Canary to help her free the hostages. Laurel met with her father and Joanna outside, but Tommy was tragically killed when the building caved in. When Oliver called on Mari McCabe for help, Laurel affectionately greeted her. Frustrated that her criminal past caught up with her and hurt that her "friends" had not believed her, Laurel donned her Black Siren persona and contacted an old friend. [5], Laurel prosecuted Jermaine Fisher, denying him bail for shooting a cop. There are student groups for Black, Indigenous and people of color at Laurel School, intended to provide networks, opportunities and support systems for underrepresented students. [11], In 2005, Laurel was attending one of Tommy's private college parties when Sara snuck into the event so she could spend time with Oliver. Laurel thanked her for coming, believing it was only right for Quentin's daughter to be there. Oliver hoped that he did not wait too long, to which Laurel kissed him, assuring him that he didn't, before they slept together. Finally, a visibly hurt Oliver said he was done running after Laurel and walked away. Laurel has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear. Laurel visits Nyssa and sees that she is preparing a rebellion against Malcolm with her own followers from the League. [62], When the cyber-terrorist group, Brother Eye, took control of Starling City, Laurel was called into the police department to act as the District attorney since the DA was visiting his niece at Coast City. He explained it would take time to capture Sara's killer since the trail had run cold and urged Laurel to talk to her father about her death. The school suspended the student, investigated the incident, and eventually did not permit her to return to the school. Laurel, Diggle, and Felicity decided to help Nyssa after she left to face Oliver on her own. However, Fitzmartin destroyed Thea and John's credibility by proclaiming that John helped Thea purchase $74,000 worth of cocaine with an affidavit signed by Thea's former drug dealer from when they tried to capture the rogue Anti-Vigilante Task Force. She starts using drugs and alcohol, like her father, to cope with her pain; eventually she loses the respect of her father and Oliver, even losing her job as an ADA. The call was abruptly cut and Laurel dismissed it. Two years later in 2007, while applying to law schools, Laurel broached the topic of her and Oliver getting a place of their own. When Laurel brought up Oliver's transformation, Felicity claimed it was not the Oliver she knew. While understanding his pain, Laurel corrected Oliver that Felicity didn't leave him because of being Green Arrow, but due to the lies he told as himself. During the fight, Count Vertigo set fire to the building in an attempt to cover his escape. Following Oliver's advice, Laurel went to the precinct to talk to her father, but she was unable to tell him the truth when Quentin's medication reminder alarm went off. However, Tommy instead claimed that Oliver was still in love with her and she should be with him instead. Laurel however coldly brushed Oliver off, stating that she and Tommy didn't need his forgiveness or his blessing, and left Poison. Laurel rushed to her sister's side and hugged Sara while crying. ", most likely deducing Sara was from a point in time where she had yet to learn of Laurel's death. They tried to convince her to stay, but Sara insisted on figuring things out for herself. Laurel, Oliver, and Constantine headed to another realm to retrieve Sara's soul from the Lazarus Pit. However, an orphaned teenager named Evelyn Sharp, who admired Laurel as Black Canary and sought revenge against H.I.V.E.

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