You may have already completed some of Roseman’s accelerated nursing prerequisite courses during your undergraduate coursework, or at the very least you are familiar with the material. Nursing allows you to be in a healthcare environment while applying your knowledge in the field of psychology. Similarly, the psychology stream of your degree is recognised by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and is accredited by the Australian Psychological Society (APAC). Nearly all nursing degree programs include psychology courses, whether a basic course in general psychology or specialized courses in patient psychology that focuses on the mental states of ill or injured people. If you choose a course of study that focuses on both of these disciplines, you could be prepared for the following careers: Across the board, you can expect any nursing programs to include psychology in its core courses required for graduation. All Rights Reserved. If you are a recent college grad with a degree in psychology, you may be exploring creative ways to put your knowledge to use in a field that offers a secure professional future. MSU’s BSN degree … All you need to know about nursing licensure, Creating new solutions to organizational problems, College and COVID-19: Tradition vs Safety, acquire a master’s in psychology specifically, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, health care, psychology, career development, and more. This will make the material in your nursing prerequisites and courses come more naturally than a student without your psychology background. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Understanding the psychology of advertising, Forensic psychology and the criminal justice system, The Chicago School walks for suicide awareness, Quarantined in Tokyo: We all wear the mask. If you’re looking for your degree to reflect your studies of both nursing and psychology, you could pursue a dual degree. A recent graduate of a psychology program can often meet the nursing program requirements in that fashion, shortening the time it takes to complete a nursing degree. In the book Psychology for the Profession of Nursing , the author explains that the study of psychology … For example, you will almost certainly have completed the psychology prerequisite, and your study of biopsychology will have familiarized you with different systems of the body. Check it out today. At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, we offer nursing programs ranging from licensure to an online bachelor of science. A degree in nursing and a degree in psychology are more connected than you may think. Nurses who are working on an advanced degree will typically take more courses on psychology … Learn more about the relationship between these two disciplines. If you already have your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you may be eligible for Roseman University’s 16-month accelerated nursing program. Insight Digital Magazine. Your academic background in psychology likely prepared you quite well to get started on the road to becoming a registered nurse through Roseman University’s Accelerated BSN program. This means someone with undergraduate nursing degree could easily pursue a graduate degree in psychology, if desired. You could be just 16 months away from a new and rewarding career in nursing. I initially started going to college to earn a degree to be a practicing psychologist. Earning your BSN is the first step in a wide range of opportunities that come with a career in nursing. You also will have already had experience in labs, using the scientific method as part of your school work. Psychology and nursing are intertwined in both practice and education. While the skills and knowledge acquired during your bachelor’s degree in psychology will carry over to your daily activities as a nurse in any field, there are several nursing specialties that will put your psychology background to use more specifically. But to get to this point of multi-disciplinary practice, you’d first have to develop these skills through formal training and education. Psychology is a fascinating field of study, and the study of the human mind and behavior is relevant and useful in almost any profession. Our award-winning, digital magazine, {INSIGHT}, is your guide to the latest in health care, psychology, career development, and more! My choice to become a psychiatric nurse was based on my lifes changing circumstances at the time.Ive been a Psychiatric RN for 2 years.Ive looked into other options in the field of nursing … November 20, 2020, What does a school psychologist do? Just as we outlined how to become an RN with a bachelor’s degree in biology, there are many ways that you can also leverage your bachelor’s degree in psychology into a successful and rewarding nursing career. Nursing is a great place to start. From there, you will fulfill any necessary prerequisites before applying to the program. Some programs may also offer added flexibility to specifically pursue concentrations you’re interested in within the field of nursing. In addition to a cross-over in theoretical knowledge, you may already have some experience in a healthcare setting, perhaps in an internship or externship program.

nursing degree and psychology

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