}, { Orders received by 1pm Eastern Standard Time for in-stock items ship the same business day. 25mm Kellner eyepiece, 1.25" (16x) layers: 'Artimg-Scope_Buyer_Guide_square' Buy Orion 52596 Goscope 80mm Backpack Refractor Telescope at Amazon UK. The Orion GoScope 80mm is a refracting telescope, so it uses lenses to focus the light into your eyepiece. Not sure how to choose a telescope? Referring to the manual is recommended. entityId: 99859, layers: 'VID043-Stargazers' }, { }, { entityId: 131498, For telescopes, the optical diameter (also known as aperture) is the size of a telescope's main light-collecting lens or primary mirror, measured in millimeters or inches. entityType: 'product' defaultImage: '', NOTE: Barlow lenses are not compatible with this telescope due to insufficient inward focus travel. Check out our colorful catalog, filled with hundreds of quality products. sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=99859&isPDP=true', Now an employee-owned company, we pride ourselves on an unswerving commitment to best quality products, value and unmatched customer care. entityId: 100119, Strap it on today and head out for some memorable visual adventures. The GoScope 80mm Backpack Refractor is an 80mm widefield telescope complete with tripod, two eyepieces, Moon filter, Moon map, more! width: 160, so you'll continue to be the first width: 200, height: 160, }, { sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=103188&isPDP=true', The focal ratio of an optical system is the ratio of a telescope's focal length to its aperture. sourceSelector:'' entityId: 99859, defaultImage: '', This 80mm ed refractor ensures the most beautiful view of the deep-sky and closer Solar System objects. }, { }, { width: 160, width: 160, This detailed map will even show you where various spacecraft have landed on the Moon's surface! Typically in-stock items will ship first and backordered items will follow as soon as they are available. entityType: 'product' It's open box as it is missing the tripod, moon filter and book. sourceSelector:'' sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=131498&isPDP=true', The GoScope 80mm Backpack Refractor Telescope Kit is a versatile 80mm-aperture, wide-field refractor telescope with a full-length photo-type tripod, plus all the accessories you need to observe wildlife, the Moon, sailboats on the bay, or nebulas in the Milky Way. Beginner Level - Suited for a wide range of uses, these telescopes are simple to operate and set up. }, { The fully padded backpack has internal sleeves and straps that allow the telescope, tripod, and all accessories to be neatly organized inside for transport on the trail or wherever you may be traveling. entityId: 99798, layers: 'Artimg-WhatWillYouSee' The tripod has a host of other great features, including an integrated carrying handle, an extendable center column for extra height, two built-in bubble levels, flip-lever leg locks, and more. sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=100119&isPDP=true', 10mm Plossl eyepiece, 1.25" (40x) defaultImage: '', And when you're stargazing, Orion's telescope cases and covers, observing gear, red LED flashlights, astronomy books and star charts will make your observing sessions more convenient, comfortable and meaningful. defaultImage: '', layers: 'VID236' This circular star map lets you dial-in the month and day you're observing the sky, so you can see exactly which constellations and stars will be visible if skies are clear. defaultImage: '', layers: 'Artimg-TelescopePower' sourceURL:'/catalog/community_content_viewer_placeholder.jsp?productId=99810&isPDP=true', }, { entityId: 99897, Orion offers telescopes for every level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. defaultImage: '', layers: 'VID008' Includes everything else shown. You will get amazing close-up views both day and night with the very capable, wonderfully portable, and oh-so affordable GoScope 80mm Backpack Refractor Telescope! Overview of the GoScope 80mm Backpack Refractor Telescope, How To Use Orion Moon Filters and Variable Polarizing Filter, Choosing a Telescope for Astronomy - The long version, Short Tube vs Long Tube- What's the Difference, Orion GoScope 80mm Backpack Refractor Telescope Kit, Orion Star Target Planisphere, 30-50 degree, Orion SteadyPix Quick Smartphone Telescope Photo Adapter, 1.25" Orion Basic Set of Four Color Filters, Orion 1.25" Prism Star Telescope Diagonal, telescope and astrophotography accessories, Complete telescope system neatly organized in a padded backpack for on-the-go visual adventures, A versatile telescope ideal for daytime scenic viewing or casual nighttime stargazing and Moon watching, Includes 80mm-aperture refractor with rack-and-pinion focuser telescope for sharp, detailed views at 16x and 40x magnifications with included eyepieces, Adjustable aluminum tripod with 3-way pan head allows easy pointing and smooth motion of the telescope.

orion goscope 80mm backpack refractor telescope

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