Luckily most of the smell dies down after about 15 minutes in my hair, so I don't get a headache from it. I'm a solid 3B with super dry hair and this was a HUGE nope for me - it further dried out my hair and made it even more frizzy than normal, plus it felt sticky and gross. It is interesting what a polarizing smell this is : you either love it or hate it! I was so impressed. I forget how subjective smell is. This spray, however, brought a gorgeous wave back! The Wave Sprays draws much attention as it is a weightless texture mist that gives you fresh from the beach looking waves. 3. Ad Choices, Ouai Wave Spray Is the Secret to Cool, Messy Waves. That's quite a feat. Press J to jump to the feed. I have silky but dry 2b and had totally the opposite experience - reduced frizz, no stickiness, and uniform waves (although they aren't as springy as with salt sprays) I am on day 4 post-wash now and could get at least another day with dry shampoo. The whole twisting method does make my hair take a little longer to air-dry, but if I’m doing it over a croissant, I’ve got no complaints. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! Its lightweight formula is made to create lived-in, effortless waves for all types of hair. I was able to wear my hair down outside in humid heat and it looked awesome! I've never had a wave spray do half of what this does for my hair!! Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Today I have a review of the Wave Spray from Ouai. The first time I used Ouai Wave Spray, I saw my wet hair start scrunching up into waves almost immediately. I'll probably wait until then and try again - but it also made my hair feel very dry, and my hair is already pretty dry as is. In this life, I eat croissants — so, I’ve got that going for me — but I have a Chicago accent, and I’m pretty sure that’s as far from a sexy French accent as you can get. And I don't mind the scent, but that's such a personal thing for people. The messy waves were still there. Yeah I am not a huge floral scent fan, but I know most are because these scents dominate the market. The last in your budget dupes for your Fave Ouai Products is the Ouai Wave Spray and its dupe Umberto Giannini Coconut Oil Beach Texture Spray. $56 Sold Out North Bondi Eau de Parfum Travel So you can smell good on-the-go. The hair framing my face gets curly/wavy but the rest is straight and I have yet to find a way to get the rest of my hair to have any wave without resorting to curling wands. Share and discuss unboxings, spoilers, reviews, pictures, ideas, and more! I don't like it either. This spray, however, brought a gorgeous wave back! I usually don't have static in the summer with the humidity! That means most wave sprays give my hair a little bend for an hour or so, but none work so amazingly well that I’ve stayed loyal to one texturizer. My hair gets oily fast, which is another reason I think this spray works so well. I wore red lipstick and drank red wine and had chic, mussed-up, Jane Birkin–esque hair. My hair is not super thick, so I think maybe that is why this spray works so well? I was able to wear my hair down outside in humid heat and it looked awesome! [info in italics taken from the Sephora website] What it is: A weightless texture hair mist infused with rice protein to… Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray $26 Shop I've been super into Ouai's take on texture spray for its lightweight feel and ability to provide a voluminous bedhead look while also absorbing oil like a … 1 month ago. I love this product so much I just signed up for a Reddit account to say this after months of lurking on this sub. It also smelled more sophisticated than the other ones, like an expensive soft floral perfume. I LOVE the B&B Don't Blow It serum. What is this voodoo sorcery!?! I wish the product description mentioned which hair types it works best for on the sephora website, but it doesn't. But a few hours later? According to the sephora website, this product is scented with a perfume from the brand, so you can probably find the scent by itself. Then again, with the humidity, my hair just refuses to do ANYTHING until September or so. I added the wavy hair BB kit to my August box, so I'm interested to see if any of those products measure up or complement the Ouai. Welcome to the sub! 2c, medium, dark brown, thick. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Boxycharm Ipsy BB 3B Mishibox WIN Sephora Play. I was skeptical of The Ouai Wave Spray. All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. I figured they’d mellow out after my hair was dry, especially since my hair was looooong at the time, which meant it was heavy. This is a HG product for me! We'll help you find the formula that's right for your hair. It is now about £7 in the market. I feel like it's probably best for people who are in the 2's in terms of wave/curl and are either normal to oily. It sounds like a lot of folks are having issues with this when it touches the scalp. In a past life, I think I was French. It also has a scent with notes of luxe amber, white musk, and lemon that lingers softly as the day goes on. Ouai Wave Spray is a texturizing wave spray from hairstylist Jen Atkin that gives you cool, messy, beachy waves. I can go a whole week without washing my hair and it just keeps getting progressively drier and more straw-like, so a product that's drying is just going to make my hair worse immediately. It does okay with frizz though not the greatest, and I do think it adds a little spring. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. All products featured on Allure are … Overall, I felt like the Ouai Wave Spray was the single best hair product I’ve tried for getting “sexy off the beach” tousled and textured locks, and it never seemed to hold down my hair or feel heavy or greasy/sticky. Allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. I was so impressed. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. I have thick, wavy, dry, color-treated hair and this spray did literally nothing. Shop. I think it smells awesome!! I can only use hair oils if I do them minimally while my hair is still wet and is best if i skipped conditioner. I feel like it is so much better than all the salt sprays I tried. I was just reading a lot of reviews on Sephora's website, and it seems like if your hair is already holds wave/curl well, the spray doesn't really do much. This wave spray from Jen Atkin's line is quickly reaching cult status. Shop. :(, I looooove the smell. Posted by. Hello, hello! Ouai Wave Spray $26. But I kept coming back to the Ouai — it was the only one in a bag of 10-plus bottles that gave my hair a cool, messy texture that lasted all day. Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. A beautiful floral fragrance that smells like our beloved Wave Spray. Sounds like we had a similar experience. share. Love. Kristin Ess's Dry Finish Working Texture Spray might as well be called an all-in-one miracle spray. I have learned soooooo much here. The Hair Oil is definitely one of my favorites and it smells so nice! The best sea salt spray can give you beautiful beachy waves with tons of texture and wicked volume. All rights reserved. terrible name, terrible packaging, but man does it work. Maybe the dryness is the issue I'm having with it. The second time made my loose wavy curls more defined and held through the day and it was super humid & hot South Texas weather. If you’ve seen a texturizing spray, there’s a 90 percent chance I’ve tried it. I can never get my hair to look both full and wavy - I either get flat and sad or fluffy and crunchy.

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