The Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) has never been recorded to breed in Nova Scotia (and only once in recent history in all of the Maritimes). This owl is dark gray with white spots, white under parts, and dense, dark barring. Range of S. ulula Synonyms Strix ulula Linnaeus, 1758 The northern hawk-owl (also known as the Hudsonian owl) is an owl which does not migrate. It has an indistinct, whitish facial disk with a black border, yellow eyes and a yellow beak. Species Range Change from 2000 to 2080 It ranges from northern Alaska, through lower and middle Canada, and along the northern region of the United States. For an Accipiter, it has a relatively sizeable bill, relatively long wings, a relatively short tail, robust and … Language Common name Chinese, Simple 猛鸮 Czech sovice krahujová Danish Høgeugle Dutch Sperweruil English, United States Northern Hawk Owl Faroese Heykugla Recommended Citation Duncan, J. R. and P. A The main Microtus species preyed upon in North America include Alaska vole ( M. miurus ), Meadow Vole ( M. pennsylvanicus ), Tundra Vole ( M. oeconomus ), Long-tailed Vole ( M. longicaudus ), and Yellow-cheeked Vole ( M. xanthognathus ) … The hawk owl’s prospects in an altered climate may depend in large part on its ability to “retool” as a generalist—accepting a broader array of prey items and high-latitude forest types. The northern goshawk has relatively short, broad wings and a long tail, typical for Accipiter species and common to raptors that require maneuverability within forest habitats. Northern hawk owls are rare sightings NPS Photo / Kent Miller The northern hawk owl occupies a circumpolar range and breeds in Alaska, northern Canada, Scandinavia, and across northern Russia. The Northern Hawk Owl can be found in far northern Illinois, but it’s pretty rare. Geographic Range Surnia ulula (also known as the Northern Hawk Owl) is found primarily in North America. This Range The northern hawk owl is distributed through They usually stay in areas where they are able to breed. The northern edge of the state is the very southern edge of the owl’s wintering range, but they generally don’t venture this far south unless prey is Studies conducted in other parts of the species' range revealed that the diet of the Northern Hawk Owl is dominated by voles (Duncan and Duncan 2014).

northern hawk owl range

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