The E5 Upgrade Kit takes home knife sharpening to the next level with 15 and 20-degree blade angle guides, which are easily swapped out with the E5’s 17-degree angle guides. The Work Sharp Culinary E5 Upgrade Kit adds versatility to the E4, E5-NH, and E5 (sold separately) with 15° and 20° sharpening … Two sets of Precision Angle Guides allow for lower or … While you now know if you should buy the upgrade kit or not, the E5 Sharpener itself is … Description WSCPAC004: Upgrade Kit for the E4, E5, and E5-NH Work Sharp. This Work Sharp® E5 Upgrade Kit expands the sharpening ability of your Work Sharp® Culinary E5 Electric Sharpener. The kit also includes four specialty sharpening belts, which allow fine-tuning blade sharpness beyond those included with the E5 … Fitting E4, E5-NH and EF (sold separately) sharpeners with 15° and 20° sharpening guides, these sharpening belts are used by … Go beyond the included 17° guides with specialized 15° East and 20° West … Unlock the E5 Sharpener full potential with the E5 Upgrade Kit Recommendation: Home Cooks. The E5 Upgrade Kit adds flexibility to the E5 Premium Knife Sharpener. Expand the Capabilities of your Work Sharp Culinary E5 Knife Sharpener. Keep your knives cutting and looking their best with the Work Sharp upgrade kit.

work sharp e5 upgrade kit

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