I used this for a simple Dark wheat beer, fermented at the low end and got the best clove flavor. Every time I brew with this yeast, people absolutely love the beer! Profile: The classic and most popular German wheat beer strain used worldwide. 20 of the Best Hefeweizens, Blind-Tasted and Ranked. Too bad I can't use it all year round. I read this yeasts' profile on White Labs website and this yeast is said to really out the banana and clove notes that are present in the hefe. Since I work with yeasts in my day job, I propagate most of my brewing strains. Sub-Total Ice Pack & Insulated Mailer We are here to help. If you desire less banana and spice flavors ferment this yeast at 62F for 10-14 days. this is a great, very clean, yeast fermented at 67-68, love it. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. $15.99, Yeast Starter Kit (Starter Yeast) - 2000 mL The sum is a hefe that feels lighter than its apparent ABV, weightless but not as strong in character and flavor as others.”, “Herbal-tea notes on the nose steer just clear of potpourri, but a spicy body backed by sweet grapefruit and orange esters make for a characterful take on the traditional style.”, “A citrus-leaning nose with some of the familiar banana and clove transitions into a spicy sip with lemongrass and a bit of herbal bite. White Labs can do no wrong, in my book. I like to ferment on the lower side to get more of the clove and less of the bannana flavor. Did not have time for a starter, but had excellent fermentation for 8 days (OG=1.050, FG=1.008) with just the 40 mg package in 5 gallons. Fantastic full flavor... Amazing how the Banana and Clove come through! A classic German wheat strain, it’s a cloudy, big top cropper. Prosit! Beer nearly flat after 14 days from bottling. I have a number of other White Lab yeasts in my refrigeration - hope they work better. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. I just bottled last week a Hefe I made with this yeast and I was shocked while bottling how much I could smell the Banana and Clove. However, this is one finicky and fragile strain. Compared to WLP 001 California Ale Yeast it did not produce as well. "Versatile Strain". Get the best brewing tips, techniques, and recipes in your inbox. Other yeast I ordered was one week away from expiration. For best results we always recommend ordering an ice pack with your liquid yeast. Over-pitching can lessen the banana. Used in the production of traditional German Wheat beers. I can't wait to try this one again! Light bready nose and body trending toward the thin side, but the banana-orange notes build with additional sips—this is one to drink by the pint, not the taster.”, “A yeasty nose with light hits of lemon and orange. Our Yeast OYL-021 Hefeweizen Ale I. On the palate, it’s a bit more enjoyable, with bright carbonation and subtle lemon and lime notes.”, “Shoe leather and light citrus on the nose. Made an excellent, flavorful traditional hefeweizen. By: Scott G | Date: Mar 20, 2018 | Beer (s) Brewed: Hefeweizen, Weizenbock. "Finally, an immaculate clone of a Bavarian hefe". Our standard practice is to pull yeast that is 2 months to their best by date. This is the best tasting Hefeweizen yeast I have used so far and I enjoy it very much. I didn't make a starter and only added one packet. The Insulated shipper helps the ice last much longer, however neither option will ensure your yeast stays cool the entire trip. It remains strong acting when used over and over. Great for a true heff. Fermenting at 66F seems to give the best balance between Clove and Banana. Body is light but supportive. Yet as the process started to mellow after 2.5-3 days it seemed to me that it stopped where as the dry stayed steady through the entire process. Fermented at 67-70 degrees F. It was fun brewing my first batch of german style hefeweizen using this yeast. I had to remove the airlock and switch to a blow-off tube, this was a very active fermentation. I usually get 3-4 batches back-to-back from this yeast. Flavor had strong banana smell. Helps extend the time that the yeast stays cool in transit. This yeast strain is highly flocculent so you will still need a blow off tube as your airlock. Like a muscled linebacker, the body is big but lean, efficient, and quick on its toes, and the deft handling of yeast produces a level of sophistication that’s hard to beat.”. This one is the ONE! And my beer tastes like the fresh stuff you drink in Bavaria. I've brewed 4 hefe's with this yeast and have yet to miss a point. Show me a better yeast for style, I bet you cant. Always produces a great Hefe flavor with very robust clove and banana flavor along with very good attenuation. Be … Drops into a relatively dry mid sip and a clean finish. It’s not bitter, per se, but more firm than flowe, “The first whiff is more bitter than expected, but that doesn’t carry through to the sip as an orange-lime sweetness pulls through with a hint of citric tartness.”, “Tanned leather and fresh tobacco leaf on the nose hint at the age. A higher cell count is especially important for lagers and high gravity beers. WLP300 Hefeweizen Yeast - White Labs Yeast. The Large Insulated Shipper option can hold 30 White Labs packages, 12 Wyeast packages, 12 GigaYeast packages, 6 Omega Yeast packages, or 5 Imperial Yeast packages. First time using White Labs yeast. "Makes a great Hefeweizen ". The Insulated Shipper option can hold 10 White Labs packages, 3 Wyeast packages, 3 GigaYeast packages, 3 Omega Yeast packages, or 3 Imperial Yeast packages. The balance can be manipulated towards ester production through increasing the fermentation temperature, increasing the wort density, and decreasing the pitch rate. I've made a few Hefeweizens and one Weizenbock with ... "Weizenbock". $3.99, Ice & Insulated Mailer for Liquid Yeast - Large Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cheers! The results are consistent and I end up with a beer that isn't just great to me but is highly complimented by my friends and brewing peers. Pitched yeast at 72F, had a couple overflows. Here’s what to do for a crowd-pleaser of a beer for these dog days of summer. Make Your Best Weissbier. Truly a fantastic yeast that leaves a colorful haze and a wonderful taste. The fermentation smelled unbelievably like bananas and progressed exactly as expected. From $4.49 to $13.99, Yeast Starter Kit - 1000 mL Agitated beer and let set another weeks and had much better carbonation, but large bubbles and loose head. Yeast starters offer higher cell counts at the time the yeast is pitched, leading to faster, healthier fermentations and better tasting beer! Also keeps for a long time so save your yeast and use it again and again! Due to the high amount of proteins in wheat, krausen will rise to tremendous levels in your fermenter. This is my first time using a liquid yeast so I'm still learning some stuff. I have tried several different yeasts, mostly dry 9 months out of the year because of shipping. Keep it as 65F and you make great Hefe's with a basic 50 PIlsner /50 Wheat recipe. $11.99, WLP300 Hefeweizen Yeast - White Labs Yeast. This is my first time using White Labs yeast. Presenting banana and clove, the esters turn up with increased temps, wort density and decreased pitch rate, or stay muted at lower temps where clove stands out. 75-82% attenuation 66°F – 70°F(18°C – 21°C) range. I've used it a dozen times over the last couple of years. When used fresh, this makes an excellent HefeWeizen, on par with most German commercial varieties. WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast. ... made with cleaner fermenting American ale yeast… The sip is effervescent, with tight carbonation on the tongue and orange and tangerine notes coming to the fore. WYeast Equivalent: 3068 Weihenstephan Will definitely use again! I've had great success with other strains from White Labs, Have used white labs before came out good. I did not use any additional yeast nutrients, just pitched from the package. Cool temperatures help keep the viability of the yeast higher which in turns leads to faster fermentation start times and better beer. Soft, inviting but not sweet or flabby, and hopped with a deft hand.”, “Tangy carbonic bite pushes in front of a soft wheat character but quickly drops off into less body than one might expect from a hefe. Please contact our customer service team so that we can assist you. Taking my business elsewhere in the future. Popped one after a week and still had the same great aroma and taste! Sketchbook Brewing Cumulus (79) Ayinger Brauweisse (79) Andechser Weissbier Hell (85) Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen (86) … My go to yeast for German Hefe. Yeast nutrients help prevent off-flavors, decrease fermentation time, and increase alcohol potential. I ferment in a plastic conical in my basement, no special temp controls, and I've hit my numbers on each batch.

best hefeweizen yeast

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