Pardon projects about an arm’s length for the first few hours, leaving a nice scent trail, then sits closer to the skin. There’s something undeniably sensual and appealingly sophisticated about this scent. For some more woodiness check out our favorite sandalwood fragrances. In fact, Honey Oud was originally created exclusively for Harrods of London and contains oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood. Be careful not to overspray or you will choke yourself out (and everyone else). Great for formal, semi-formal, special occasions, nights out. Bonus: As well as their juice, Floris also take great pride with their presentation. Do not rock this in the high summer heat or you will choke people out. It projects about an arm’s length for the first few hours then sits closer to the skin, lasting about 4 – 7 plus hours. Nasomatto are an indie niche perfume house that create daring, super unique luxurious fragrances. This is an EDP concentration and doesn’t scream out for attention. If you love the original Boss Bottled, this is a no brainer. Oud Palao often gets compared to a fragrance called Oud Ispahan from Christian Dior’s high end luxury collection, which made it onto our best rose fragrances list. It’s similar, but is a softer, more refined modern version, making the oud note more palatable to the western nose. Bonus: The bottle is gorgeous and comes with a handy travelling pouch. . Gucci Intense Oud. A little goes a LONG way, so you only need 1 to 2 sprays MAX…. Perfect for formal, special occasions, weddings, office, dates, nights out etc…. Although this smells AMAZING, lasting power is not the greatest. This is a subtle scent that doesn’t scream out for attention. The oud softens up and eventually is smoothed out with a subtle hint of leather. The character of this brand is the high quality and long-lasting aroma which remains for many days. (By the way, to discover our favorite Jo Malone scents go here). Nasomatto’s Pardon is NOT for the young crowd; this is grown man stuff. Smells sophisticated and attracts a LOT of compliments. This is not one of those in-your-face type ouds and it’s easy to wear, making it a perfect introductory to oud. Nasomatto’s Pardon opens up with a dry, bittersweet dark chocolate mixed with slightly smoky woody oud (not the animalic kind), whispers of cinnamon and white florals. By the way… go easy with the trigger. From Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Intensa d’Oud to Tom Ford’s Oud Fleur, our favourite oud perfumes can be found in this gallery – the definitive guide to the best oud fragrances to shop for. You get a slightly sweet, spicy smoky woody scent with a slight powdery undertone. Whether you want something floral, zesty, or oriental, we’ve found the best oud perfume that can give you an exotic and opulent fragrance experience. If you’re looking for a projection monster, this is NOT it. Even though this is listed as an Eau de Cologne concentration, the performance was great. In case you didn’t know, Diptyque are a French niche perfume house that create luxury fragrances and scented candles. Best worn only in the cooler months: fall/winter (cool spring nights). Then, I describe several oud-based fragrances that I consider gold standards. Have you ever tried any of these? (By the way, to see our top picks from the house of Versace go here). Now, as it starts to settle… the citruses quickly fade and the spicy cedar takes center stage. If you’re looking for a fragrance that screams out for attention, this is NOT it. This newer M7 Oud Absolu release does not smell exactly the same as the original M7. But, make no mistake, as time goes by this transitions into a gorgeous sweet spicy smoky woody vanilla scent. Nasomatto is simply two Italian words combined (Naso & Matto), that translates to Crazy Nose. More suited for the mature 25-up crowd for formal/semi-formal wear, special occasions, dates, nights out. By the way, do not rock this in the high summer heat or you will regret it. Best worn in cooler weather: fall/winter (cool spring days). M7 got its name because it was the 7th Male fragrance released by the house of Yves Saint Laurent. Best OUD Perfumes in the World 1. By the way, go easy on the trigger as this is quite bold. Now, don’t be put off by the name “intense” on the bottle, that simply refers to the concentration of the juice. During our testing we got about 4 to 6 hours of longevity. Honey Oud opens up with a blast of realistic sweet (but not overly sweet) thick golden honey with a smooth dry woody oud (none animalic) sitting in the background. The black bottle is simply gorgeous with its gold colored accents and comes in a premium looking box that lifts up to reveal the bottle sitting in a podium. What is OUD? Supreme Oud is an EDP and doesn’t scream out for attention. Often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, oud is among the world’s most expensive scents because of its intoxicating muskiness. Colonia Oud is part of their higher end Ingredient Collection that focus on one ingredient which they blend with their classic Colonia citrus DNA. This scent is completely unisex, so you can share it with your significant other. M7 was the first westernized oud fragrance to be released by a well-known designer house and started off the oud craze in the western world. Another character of this brand is its reasonable price for a good quality perfume because of … This is an EDP and projects softly for the first few hours (about arm’s length), then pulls back and sits very close to the skin and lasts about 5 to 8 plus hours. This is an EDP concentration and projects like crazy for the first few hours and leaves a HUGE scent trail. Eventually… some creamy warm sandalwood and white musk join the party and smooth the fragrance out, along with a subtle touch of smoky oud. Oud Palao is unisex (but leans masculine) and is more suited for the mature 25-up crowd. Colonia Oud is super versatile: dressed up, dressed down, days/nights, all seasons (except on hot summer days) and all occasions. A visit to a perfume counter will tell you how popular oud has become over the last decade. It doesn’t scream out for attention and projects about arm’s length for the first 2 to 3 hours then sits close to the skin lasting around 5 to 8 plus hours. A luxurious creamy spicy woody scent with a nice hint of sweetness. Aoud Vanille is unisex (but leans masculine) and more suited for the mature 20-up crowd. Let’s take a look…. … It’s powerful but not overwhelming, well blended and fairly easy to wear. It’s rich, dark, warm and smells luxurious. This is an EDP and projects about arm’s length for the first 2 hours, then sits closer to the skin (making it easy to wear). YSL released the original ground-breaking M7 back in 2002, at the time under the creative direction of Tom Ford (Speaking off… to see our favorite Tom Ford fragrances go here). If you buy using links on our site, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more. As it starts to dry down, the apple and cinnamon take a back seat, allowing the oud to take center stage joined with some sweet spicy saffron, sandalwood and dark cloves. In this gallery we round up the best deep, rich, intense oud fragrances, from Byredo's Oud Immortel to Versace’s Oud Oriental and Lancôme’s L’Autre Ôud. Best worn in the cooler weather: fall/winter (cool spring nights if you spray lightly). Side note: the black bottle looks super classy with its gold colored details. Anyway… Royal Oud is the work of Creed’s sixth generation master perfumer Olivier Creed, who wanted to create a western friendly, easy-to-wear luxury oud fragrance. You get an intoxicating soft smoky incensey rose with a burning woody oud vibe in the background.

best oud perfume

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