SpecializationsMore Minions Champions within 2 slots of Binwin contribute to Extra Attacks and Extra Damage.Antisocial Dwarfing Reverses Extra Attacks to affect non-adjacent champions rather than adjacent champions and increases Binwin's damage by 400%. Some enemy types have multiple variations, for example there appear to be 6 versions of Zhentarim Spy, all are humanoid but one is also drow, and there are some zones where they spawn alongside beasts:Zone 32 in A Mysterious SummonsZones 1,2, and 8 in Nimble EscapeZone 17 in The Botched Kidnapping. 3 qualifiers have potential. This is an Idle Champions Familiar Guide! His damage literally goes crazy as both Extra Attacks and Extra Damage stack up. At the moment this happens to me around level 105-110 (120+ can be done only with potions). In single enemy encounters, her buffs max out at 5 stacks. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. It doesn't matter the level of enemies that die; Zorbu just needs to get the kill. Unfortunately, Binwin is still consistently lower than other DPS options. He would work great with Spurt, but Spurt shares a slot with him. Binwin gains a damage buff based on the number of dwarves, gnomes, kobolds, and halflings in the formation. The wiki is correct. Share ; Farming Tips & Tricks-When you start taking hours to get to your wall, try to maximize your favor gains (I have seen people usually reset upon reaching less than 5% total favor gain per hour, … 1 target is simply not enough, and even 10 targets might not be enough. Farm at highest level are better then offline, but new runs are more effective. The drow count as both humanoid and drow. This will give you an idea of if you should use Zorbu as a DPS or utilize other options. Even if you aren't using a high Dexterity DPS, his role as a Support at lower gear levels may even be enough to justify a 9th or 10th placement due to his large innate All Champion% damage. These were the best I could find. Lead The Pack Increases Hunter's Pack by the same amount as Seething Hatred increases Zorbu's damage, This specialization provides a large boost to Hunter's Pack, which affects both Zorbu and adjacent champions, Favored Enemies Increases Zorbu's Lifelong Enemies damage bonus by 100%. Verdict: 4/10I'm still going to say to avoid Binwin. I haven't spent anytime yet to find the proper level for this. Damage 20 or more enemies with a single Ki Explosion. Now with this change, her Ki Strike will affect different targets, but do you really want that now? Small correction: Best Farming Spots for Nrakk -> Best Farming Spots for Zorbu. I tested many ways. As for Zorbu surpassing Arkhan, it's going to not only be gear-dependent, but also champion-dependent. Like Krond, this will be an evolving thing over time, but I can't only evaluate what's currently offered. She shines when you are at your wall with a horde of enemies whittling away at your tanks. You must forgo using 2 big tanks and his attacks/kills can be quite random at high boss levels thus lowering his damage and forcing a replay of the level. Also, probably not needed here as you have Donaar, but Gromma helps a lot to slow down enemies if you are having problem with that. Not really... Another issue that Stoki faced previously is that her numerous attacks would overlap into the next attack cycle; thus her attack cycle speed would be hindered. Gone is the ridiculous scaling he had with ilvls, replaced by consistency. This only triggers once per allied attack at the end of the animation of the attack, regardless if the allied attack has multiple hits or not. Seething Hatred is his most important ability, as it interacts with Hunter's Pack and adjacent champions (via specialization). Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms; External Links Edit. Zorbu, Zorbu, Zorbu! This guide will begin with an overview of how this game works. This ALSO means that your Ultimates will hit for less damage with her in formation unless you can nab lots of Marks of Ki. She is now a 100% Support character, and her gear and abilities have been redesigned to that effect. This is the ps4 version. Zorbu's previous All Champion% Damage from levels was just a mere 3x, but has been buffed now to 2187x (or a 729x increase). The change is both good and bad. When the run starts to be finished - open all silver chests you got in this run. In terms of raw Gold Find, she is likewise lacking against Jarlaxle at a low stack count. The best spot I've found for Zorbu farming is on the Hatchlings Underfoot variant of The Silken Swamp (assuming you haven't already beaten it). As a support, he'll easily replace top-tier supports as long as your DPS has a Dexterity of 15 or higher. As a baseline champion however, Arkhan certainly has the upper hand. Zorbu is NOT to be overlooked! This buff counts the total number of Marks of Ki. This is one of Binwin's saving graces. This is a AWESOME buff to Zorbu and his most important item slot. Also the best Drow farming area I can come up with is Dragon Heist - Enter the Sargauth where on area 15/21/23 there are only Drow/Humanoid monsters. In this article, I will be going over the top 5 DPS champions in the game. Lead the Pack is the clear winner for Zorbu either as Support or DPS, especially once you've got some Lifelong Kills under his belt. Mark of Ki will persist if Stoki is benched; however, Mark of Ki does nothing by itself. So if you want to bench Stoki after applying her debuff, you'll find no benefit without her actually in formation. You're trying to keep Binwin's Extra Damage high, and if Binwin happens to kill just one stray mob with an attack (keep in mind each subsequent attack attaches more damage! Zorbu swore to avenge the many villagers killed by the drow, and was taken on as an apprentice by Galor. ItemsSlot 1 now buffs global DPS instead of self DPS. You give up Nayeli/Gromma, and another great buffer to slot a tank. There is a lot of room for favouritism in this game ive noticed and for the most part it doesnt matter who you choose but the characters i mentioned wont let you down. Gone are the days when Stoki rides the bench or is used just as a Gold Find swap. Additionally, his Tallest of Faerun buff can't be taken advantage of with the current line up of champions. Lastly, I want to touch on Golden Palm. I think most players should shoot for 10k or so on Zorbu per kill category, and probably 30k on Undead since they are easy to farm.

idle champions zorbu guide

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