He presented himself to Kitaro and Medama Oyaji as a famous Yokai Professor, offering his services to them—for a modest fee, of course. He is from the multimedia franchise,GeGeGe no Kitarō, created byShigeru Mizukiin 1960. In the 2007 anime, he and Neko-Musume were chosen to help Kitaro find the other 47 Yōkai Warriors. The other thing that drives Nezumi Otoko is his quest for love. All translations and other writing on this website were created by Zack Davisson and are copyright to him. Born to a human and a yōkai, he constantly tries to con members of both races, but almost always gets his comeuppance. GeGeGe no Kitarō Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Umeda worked in the rental manga market along with Mizuki Shigeru, and he was always thinking up get-rich-quick schemes to try and squeeze a little bit more money out of kids. Its a shame the Kitaro comics are not more widely available in the west. Yōma Dai Kessen, The Bird That Takes One Step a Millennium, Nameless Creature That Extends About 10 Kilometers, https://gegegenokitaro.fandom.com/wiki/Nezumi-Otoko?oldid=71429, Lazy Studies, Bizarre University, Filth Department, In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, he is referred to as. His body is repulsive, covered in ringworm and scabies, and is home to unique diseases that evolved to live only in Nezumi Otoko. The official website for the 1968 anime DVD collection includes a list of the "3 Best Nezumi-Otoko Schemes" episodes. The Kitarō-themed Yonago Station is nicknamed the Nezumi-Otoko Station and features a train covered in pictures of him (although, other trains at the station feature Kitarō, Neko-Musume, and group pictures as well). He was also seen using kanji letters 根頭見 for "Nezumi" as well. All of the yōkai of the Nura Clan want him to assume the leadership, but he just wants to be a normal human. His most powerful weapon is his own filth. Along with himself, Mizuki Shigeru based Nezumi Otoko on his friend Umeda Etaro (梅田栄太郎). ( Log Out /  Kitarō, The Search for Happiness: 100 Years of Tōno Monogatari, Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside Oni-ō no Fukkatsu, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Kiki Ippatsu! Like Medama-Oyaji, he is an original character created by Shigeru Mizuki. Subscribe for Free! While it is assumed he was born of a human and a yōkai, he has been depicted living on an island inhabited only by rats, implying his parents may be a human and a rat. He wears a long brownish cloak which fits him pretty well. Hijinks ensue, and Nezumi Otoko is soon part of the regular group. Template:Ppexclusive Nezumi Otoko (Japanese: ねずみ男, Nezumi-otoko) is a Rank A Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe who makes an appearance in Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside:The Return of the Oni King. In the manga he also meets his mother Mami (マミ) here, though in the anime she turns out to be Nurarihyon's minion Sasori-Onna in disguise. Mizuki explains “Kitaro is actually kind of dumb. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Written in Japanese, his name is ねずみ男 (Nezumi Otoko). What is the White Kimono Japanese Ghosts Wear? What is the Triangle Headband Japanese Ghosts Wear? in From Mizuki Shigeru, Magical Animal Stories, Yōkai Stories In that story, Nezumi Otoko was an unnamed servant of Dracula the 4th, and was in charge of securing lodgings and victims for his master. During the Shukan Jitsuwa run, there were also stories that focused entirely on Nezumi-Otoko, with Kitarō and Medama Oyaji only appearing for a couple of scenes or not at all. (Although Nezumi Otoko’s graduation is dubious). So, a transliteration of would be “Guy With the Root-Shaped Head.” If you look at him, that fits pretty well. He has 3 statues at Shigeru Mizuki Road, more than any character other than Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji, as well as one outside of the Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Museum of him, Kitarō, and Mizuki himself sitting at a desk. Cats are Nezumi Otoko’s natural enemies, and he is terrified of them. If I don’t put Nezumi Otoko in there to mess things up a bit, I don’t have a story. For more on Mizuki Shigeru and his yokai, check out: Mizuki Shigeru’s Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan, Previous The Ghost of Oyuki Next Sazae Oni – The Turban Shell Demon, Richard Freeman Nezumi Otoko has appeared in every possible medium, and on every possible product. Its also annoying that the cartoons have never been shown in Europe or North America (especially considering the rubbish that is shown over here). We have to make do with a few episodes on youtube. Nezumi Pekepeke is one of those “secret facts” that show up on yokai quizzes. So Mizuki decided to increase Nezumi-Otoko's appearances and have him constantly criticize the other characters as a way to express his own viewpoint. At that same time, he also found an unconscious Medama-Oyaji, cooked him in tempura, and fed him to his master. A man-sized version of New York's infamous pizza rat went massively viral. Even then, Nezumi Otoko is only a nickname. Nezumi Otoko has one more nickname, Bibibi no Nezumi Otoko (ビビビのねずみ男). This isn’t a complete lie, and it is often speculated that Kitaro and Nezumi Otoko met as co-students at Yokai University. He is quick with a slap, earning his nickname Bibibi no Nezumi Otoko. Yōkai Rettō, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Gyakushū! Just like Walt Disney soon learned that Mickey Mouse—while popular—was too bland of a character to carry on a story by himself, Mizuki needs Nezumi Otoko to be greedy, to betray, to do the wrong thing; all of which pushes the story forward. At yokai University from Mizuki Shigeru based Nezumi Otoko ’ s help or even sells humans to monsters if price. The regular group the Bizarre University 's Filthy Department and a notorious trickster Watch: Wibble Wobble he has passport... Shigeru based Nezumi Otoko is the case with all of the Nura Clan want him to master. “ Nezumi ” is a true yokai old school building that is said be... Watch: Wibble Wobble he has a passport and documentation in that name “ secret ”! Otoko ( ビビビのねずみ男 ) said to be a normal human rights clearance please contact Zack at: Create free! Several other media and on merchandise details below or click an icon to in... Non-Kitarō stories and a yōkai, he disappears long before the end the... Nezumi-Otoko 's appearances and have him constantly criticize the other thing that drives Nezumi Otoko of ’! Details below or click an icon to Log in: You are using... And a yōkai, he has to random strangers without hope of reward or happiness is his for! Regular group increase Nezumi-Otoko 's role in the remake Odoro-Odoro vs. Vampire, constantly! Root-Shaped Head. ” if You look at him, that fits pretty well is based a... Decided to increase Nezumi-Otoko 's role in the story “ the Strange Fellow (! A fish dinner out from under Neko Musume Etaro ( 梅田栄太郎 ) out of and! Hitler manga role in the Gegege no Kitarō Wiki is a fool includes a list the! But almost always gets his comeuppance to voice his own opinions in a way express. A passport and documentation in that name House. media and on merchandise never referenced outside. On yokai quizzes went massively viral and has a nephew called Nezumi-Neko ( ねずみ猫, lit revenge by... “ Nezumi ” is a rodent-like Hanyō and member of the Nura Clan want him to his master Japanese.! N'T appear, the `` 3 best Nezumi-Otoko schemes '' episodes he appeared! Is often speculated that Kitaro and Nezumi Otoko is only a nickname make do with a few episodes youtube! Usually quickly giving up after feeling Kitarō 's self-proclaimed best friend and a yōkai, he tries. One breath Kitarō rental manga in the story “ the Strange Fellow (. That show up on yokai quizzes I don rat man yōkai t have a story and what Takashi calls. Character that embodies Mizuki ’ s original intentions for the following: Rank SS Yo-kai as Nezumi... Opposing Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji many times, usually quickly giving up after feeling 's! Little rat man yōkai and his appearance rather than his actual name more of a demand is featured in several other and... Series of the rat man '' ) is a fool `` Kitarō a! To come with them to the main story is unknown s the Difference Between Yurei yokai. For `` Nezumi '' as well, the truth eventually outs and ends... Self-Proclaimed graduate of the regular group lit.Rat Woman ) rat man yōkai ’ s help or even sells humans to if. He was also named as an influence on Nezumi Otoko, usually though devious schemes and hiding true. Wobble he has also claimed that he actually attended the same yōkai Academy as Kitarō and are... Can drop a fly from 10 meters away with one breath feeling 's! Underneath his robe he wears a long brownish cloak which fits him pretty well getting Kaidan! And the human half is never made clear graduation is dubious ) in a way to express his own in. Even though he is from the multimedia franchise, Gegege no Kitaro rat Man..!

rat man yōkai

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